Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pee Wee and Midget Football kids

And this is how tv and web stories come to life.

Just one call.

Earlier tonight I received a call from a friend, a former co-worker and a proud Mom.

Tonya called with information on a great group of kids who have been having a spectacular season in their prospective football leagues and are now heading to the regional playoffs.

She called to give me information on their practice sessions over the next few days. Tonya was so proud of these kids and how they've worked hard to make the playoffs. She wanted to get them a little recognition.

Fortunately, I actually had crews available. I asked her to email me background information, their upcoming schedule of events, and include pictures so that I COULD use them in the web story. Before Tonya finished giving me the details, I had a crew out the door to get some video.

Having multiple platforms these days, even if our producers can not air a story during their local newscasts, I still try shooting worthy stories so I can air them on

And that is what we did this evening.

Brian Johnson wound up shooting enough video and sound for what we call a package --a complete story that may air anywhere from 1-2 minutes including narrative, soundbites, b-roll and anything else necessary to make the story sing. Or if you have real compelling sound from a subject, you can produce an 'in their own words' and have the interview subject walk the viewer through the story.

I wound up writing the story for and Videographer Brian Johnson edited a very nice little piece to attach to my web story.

And voila! At the end of the evening, we gave our little football warriors a shout out on

Stay with and Channel 3 News. I'm sure we are going to follow the progress of these hard working young men.

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